Bass Temple

Bass Temple is a Denver based producer and DJ. Her music journeys from deep primordial bass into cosmic melodic loops, raising the energy into a high vibrational experience. Her sets seamlessly flow through styles weaving them into a musical kaleidoscope. Bass Temple’s musical career began on the Big Island of Hawaii where she

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Zingara is a musical project based around life experiences with spirituality and spirit as a whole. When people think of electronic music, spirituality and meditation is not the first thing that comes to mind, but Zingara is determined to challenge that idea with every song she makes. All the sounds that are used

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Hello Yes

Hello Yes, the duo consisting of guitarist Mitch Bell and saxophonist Aaron Leibowitz, was born during off time on the road with electronic artist Zhu who they continue to perform and collaborate with. The sound is novel, conjuring Mitch’s smokey, yet sophisticated guitar and Aaron’s gut jerking saxophone into compositions that could be

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Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom was created by Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers) in 2001 as a soundtrack for healing and the exploration of inner states. Blending nature sounds, world instrumentation, rhythmic chanting, and medicine songs, the sound forged under the banner of Liquid Bloom was deeply ambient from the beginning and inspired by musical concepts rooted in the

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TRIGO (pronounced try-go) is the moniker of Jerry Perez, a Producer/DJ based out of Denver, CO with over 6 years’ experience DJʼing in local clubs and bars while creating momentum for himself in the underground Bass/Wave music scene. Molding a unique sound from influences in the Dubstep, Trance, Drum & Bass and early Metal/Rock communities,

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Drishti Beats

Grand Tapestry presents 5 remixes of their Tides album coming out October 21st. Merging hip-hop with classical Indian music, Grand Tapestry bridges that gap featuring Eligh, an independent hip-hop artist known for genre experimentation, and Alam Khan on the 25-stringed fretless instrument called the Sarode, and their diverse collective of collaborators. Tides heavily features traditional

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