For many years ill-esha has weathered the dynamic, often ephemeral soundscape of Electronic music, simply by being an original. “I’m not really an observer. I’m very much a participant and a creator,” self-describes the Vancouver, British Columbia-born artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ. “Everything I do in my life, it quickly becomes way more than a hobby.” From growing up in the EDM hotbed of the Pacific Northwest, attending raves in her teens, Ill-esha accelerated her musical passions to the fullest. “First I wanted to be part of this culture as a DJ, doing vocals and curating music. After that, I also needed to participate in the music I was playing,” referring to her progression as a producer and headlining performer. “I’ve just been moving one step up at a time over the years, into being this completely original show.”

Although Ill-esha’s professional career dates back to the late 90s, the Denver, Colorado-based artist asserts that her recent evolution in music greatly contrasts with her initial work. “I spent about a decade in the Drum & Bass world. I was one of two Drum & Bass female MCs in the whole country, for a long time. That’s how I got my start, and started touring.” Delving further into making the kind of music she wanted on her playlist, Ill-esha’s journey broke out of genre. “Something about Drum & Bass just isn’t what I make,” she says, becoming a pioneering artist in the Glitch Hop movement. Even that musical taxonomy is something that today, the veteran shakes off. “It now means something very different from what I do.” Currently immersed in Future-Bass, Ill-esha’s music captivated audiences in 2013, tied to three separate tours, alongside Bassnectar, Beats Antique, and Big Gigantic. With the increasing dates and venues, the artist remains committed to her audience. “After that experience, I upgraded my set-up. Now I have custom stands, instruments—even if it’s heavy and expensive to travel with, I’m proud that authenticity is what matters most in my music.”

Authenticity has been a driving force in Ill-esha’s albums, including 2008’s The Perfect Circuit, 2010’s Circadian Rhythms, and most recently, 2014’s Open Heart Surgery, among a plethora of singles, EPs, and various appearances and side projects. Looking at the space she’s helped lead, she says, “Those of us who do it own way without going with what’s hot in the market, we don’t blow up as much, but we’re all still here.” With her work covered and remixed, the artist who grew up in a professional music family, stresses, “I really try to make songs. A good song should be translatable. If I can’t play an acoustic version of it, I don’t let it sit.” Calling her own musical style “weird,” it’s something that crowds have hooked onto.

All the while, Ill-esha has helped shift a paradigm in EDM. After years of suffering the music industry’s sexism, from being mistaken as a visual designer or a dancer to being discounted despite her expertise, it’s only made her sound hit harder. “I have to be better cause people expect me to be worse,” Ill-esha says, noting that she plans to lead workshops that inspire at-risk youth—young women especially, to pursue the technical arts. In a culture where production is stereotyped as a masculine practice, it is Ill-esha now making the records that male and female DJs are spinning.

A fully dimensional artist, Ill-esha remains in touch with her DJ past. “In my live shows, there’s an extra layer of freestyle energy. I think it’s really important to make each show special, and make people have to see you.” Differentiating from the albums, she adds, “I like to make solid songs, and just a whole level of randomness when it’s live.” With turntables, keytars, vocal loopers, and other instrumentals integrated within her sets, all of the iterations of Il-esha’s journey are represented.

While Open Heart Surgery is Ill-esha’s most recent release, it represents a cathartic benchmark, allowing her greatest progression yet. “As soon as the album came out, a lot of positive stuff now came to my life.” It was around this time that Ill-esha formed Polar Vortex with her husband SAUCEmonster, a constantly touring group that features mixed media, videos synced to live instrumentation and electronic percussion. With a new family, non-stop touring, and constant collaboration, a blissful Ill-esha describes her newest creations as upbeat, positive parallels to her life. “I feel resolved now. Hopefully my happy music is just as good.” With that constant driving bass, freestyle, and soulful lyrics, it surely is.

"This Canadian singer-songwriter-producer-DJ has been bringing her tripped out bass music for over 10 years and was one of the OGs pushing that glitch-hop sound so it’s no surprise this album is as dope as it is. For those who love that deep UK bass sound but find it’s not musical enough, this album is for you. "
-- Do Androids Dance

"Ill-Esha’s latest album, Open Heart Surgery, evolves her style yet again. It draws on her experience as a singer and a songwriter to tell an emotional story. Her passionate vocals narrate the journey, as a river of smooth bass flows in the background. "
-- Into The AM

"After the successes of her Open Heart Surgery LP, Canada-to-Colorado transplant ill-esha is back on Gravitas Recordings with a fresh collection of remixes for OHS. In contrast to the pure, heartfelt originals, these thirteen freshly re-imagined versions pack a serious punch, yet manage to maintain a soulful vibe throughout. The sultry songstress commissioned talent from around the world for the release, including Buku, Mr. Bill, Amp Live, and Russ Liquid, plus a ton of Gravitas favorites such as Psymbionic, ChrisB., CloZee, The Digital Connection, Perkulat0r and more."
-- Audible Treats

"Just in time for Valentine's Day, Coloradan via Canada and bass producer and vocalist extraordinaire ill-esha releases Open Heart Surgery. A tangled web of love lost and heartbreak, the album still oozes with the sultry vocals and sexy beats of Elysha Zaide."
-- The Untz

"Ill-esha’s first full-length album Whiplash Recovery is an unsurpassed triumph in bass and glitch music."
-- Lost In Sound

"ill-esha Debut’s New Album, Discusses Her New Live Performance, and Prepares To Play With The Do LaB In Los Angeles and San Diego."
-- The Do Lab

"Staying true to her roots, the ten track release delivers both rich purple dubstep sounds and harmonic vocal progressions suitable for the dance floor and the after party."
-- High on Beats