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Smol’s music is an escape pod of fractal sound design, contorted basslines, self-actualization, and community empowerment. After having DJ’d and produced under various aliases since the start of the 2010’s, Calgary-based producer Adam Blanchard made the decision in 2017 to depart from rigid industry conventions and begin anew. Instead of making music with current trends in mind, his new alias smol would only showcase what he found emotionally fulfilling to produce.

smol began to realize that through music he had the potential to enact change in the community around him, and so he simultaneously created DoYu Digital as a platform to release music and assemble a collective of like minded artists. Like his own music, DoYu’s mission is encouraging artists to experiment and find their own voice as a producer. Since its inception DoYu has released over 100 tracks spanning multiple genres from its creator family of 11 artists that span North America.

Through his releases on DoYu Digital, Headbang Society, Spicy Bois, Hybrid Trap, YUKU, and The Untz, smol’s music continuously pushes the envelope of sound design and the idea of how bass music can be structured. While many of his tracks are dubstep, smol’s catalogue reflects his origins as a jungle and house producer with offerings that shift from lo-fi ambiances to neuro funk and beyond.

A classically trained pianist and jazz lover, smol incorporates his love of organic instrumentation into his music through sampling live instruments, then meticulously tweaking each sample into something that sounds both familiar and completely alien. He also uses his platform and social media presence to explore his love of skateboarding and culinary arts. Similar to his music, he explores the way these two passions can be used to connect with people and build communities. Bolstered by this new source of support and direction, smol’s zeal for collaboration and innovation is transcending borders and reaching new bass bins across the globe.



Keep It Movin
Keep It Movin - Single
Outer Space - smol Remix
Outer Space - The Remixes
Disconnected - Single
Aurora feat. Josh Teed
Aurora - Single
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