Wolf-e-Wolf, also known as Nick Wolfe, is a bass-music producer from Little Rock, Arkansas. Wolfe found his musical roots in genres like southern hip-hop, metal, and classical music. He has taken various elements of these styles and used them as inspiration for his current productions, which encompass many different bass driven niches. His distinguished sound is highlighted with elements of retro gaming, arpeggiated riffs, and dark jungle vibes. The 25 year old producer started his musical journey at the age of 15. He kicked off his DJing career in 2007, and it wasn’t long before he began producing and performing full time. His energetic sets and unique style of mixing quickly caught attention all over the south.

As a resident Dj and vital member of Arkansas’ longest running EDM party, Cool Shoes, Wolfe has played a key role in the development of the scene in his home state. Wolf-e-Wolf has performed twice at one of the south’s most notable music festivals, Wakarusa, and has shared the stage with major acts such as Skrillex, Bassnectar, Crizzly, and Luminox. With releases on Gravitas Recordings, Wakaan, and MalLabel Music, his tracks have received support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Psymbionic, and Bassnectar. 2018 has already proven to be a pivotal year for this up and coming producer.