Māh Ze Tār is propelled by the vision of fusing traditional eastern music with modern electronic composition as a form of cultural preservation. Each Māh Ze Tār set is uniquely dynamic- The listener can expect to hear the ancient sounds of the Sitar and Oud in one song and the timeless melodies of the Hulusi, Ney and Duduk in the next- bringing a kaleidoscope of emotions through the wide plethora of ancient sounds, mesmerizing vocals, and grooving beats. Māh Ze Tār seeks to make familiar that which seems “other” through serving the sounds of distant lands on a platter of familiar body moving bass lines and thumping grooves. Māh Ze Tār is an active performing member of Balkan Bump and has had significant musical collaborations with Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Jef Stott, Morillo, Akriza, Nyrus and many others. Notable performances- Red Rocks, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Gem & Jam, Joshua Tree, Lucidity, Symbiosis, Oregon Eclipse, Burning Man, Oregon Country Fair, Haurkaze Tokyo Festival.

Human Behind the Project-

Maz Karandish is a Devotee of music- A well traveled vocalist & multi-instrumentalist covering grounds from Rāga, Maqām, and Dastgāh to Harmony, Jazz, and Opera. Maz feels deeply connected to the ancient musical traditions of the east that he began learning from a very young age. As an Ethnomusicologist and a practicing Psychologist, he’s come to recognize that people in his generation have an easier time engaging with traditional music when it’s integrated with familiar rhythmic and sonic environments- thus forming his vision of preserving cultural music through fusion-oriented avenues. Maz devotes his musical time to exploring the possible weaving of Indian, Persian, Greek and Turkish music with modern soundscapes. He’s currently most interested in the integration of Indian Dhrupad and Persian Tahrir singing with electronic composition. Maz is an active performing member of Balkan Bump, has significant musical collaborations with Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Adham Shaikh, Jef Stott, Morillo, Akriza, Nyrus, Nahlith and many others.


Māh Ze Tār


David Starfire - Serpentine (ft. Mah Ze Tar)
Balkan Bump & Mah Ze Tar - In A Milky Way
Desert Drip
Akriza & Mah Ze Tar - Epirus
Where You Are, Now
Balkan Bump & Mah Ze Tar - Prayer Song
Desert Drip
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Māh Ze Tār
Māh Ze Tār
Māh Ze Tār
Māh Ze Tār