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Amp Live has fused the sounds of Electronic, Reggae and Hip-Hop with a technical and classical sensibility. Amp recently co-founded Unified Highway with Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany, Del & Amp Live, after an acclaimed tenure with Hip-Hop duo Zion I. He has produced for Linkin Park, Bassnectar, Akon, Collie Buddz, The Submarines, MGMT, Goapele, and Atmosphere, as well as an official Radiohead remix album.

Amp’s decorated career continues to expand. After captivating concerts across the West Coast, two Cali Roots Festivals, and Lollapalooza, the versatile talent is in strong stride. “I used to feel like I was in a box. Even though that box was cool and successful, I didn’t feel like I had a voice. ‘Cause I don’t rap, I don’t sing. Basically, whoever I’m with, what they say is my voice in a way. People can interpret beats in any way, but with lyrics, it is pretty straightforward,” he says, after experimenting with his voice in some of  his latest sounds. “It’s been hard building things back up, but I’m in a way better mental place. I can do whatever I want; I feel free.” Amp Live is soft-spoken and polite in his demeanor, but his sounds are loud, daring, and continuously prove to be ahead of the curve.



Penny Nickel Dime featuring Anya & Prof
Headphone Concerto
Psymbionic - One Thing Ft. Cristina Soto (Amp Live Remix)
Parallels Remixed
Morillo x Amp Live - High Life
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