Emerging bass act ‘Lucchii’ is taking the industry by storm with his signature dark-melodic, hard hitting, larger than life fusion of electronic oriented genres. With an already hefty discography under his belt and notable achievements such as highlighted features on Billboard.com, Thissongissick, EDM.com, Run The Trap, & MA Music just to name a few ; as well as performing with some of the biggest names in dance music across multiple states in the U.S, touring internationally and millions of plays across all streaming platforms – this seasoned artist continues to prove his stature and longevity as an artist. Already joining powerhouse teams such as Bite This, Deadbeats, Barong Family, Capitol Records, Sony RED, Thrive Music, Music High Court, Super 7 Records, Strange Fruits and EDM.com; not to mention a plethora of official remixes, ‘Lucchii’ is a name you will continue to hear more and more in the evolution of the bass and electronic music world.