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From the beautiful, sandy shores of coastal North Carolina, comes a project that focuses on the cinematic elements of music combined with the unmistakable beats and basslines that shaped late 90’s electronic music. The deemster project was created by veteran producer and DJ, John D. Robbins (also known as heavy bass maker RUN DMT) as a way to express his love for that era of music and the immersive feelings it created as a high school kid falling in love with music making.

Utilizing recording techniques and tricks learned along the way, deemster creates a soundscape of wavy surf guitars, pounding drums, lush foley, and a bit of turntablism to create his first release Topsail, a nautical adventure into sound. The 24-minute-long audio outing is accompanied by an A.I. animation visualizer that goes along with the Topsail story and the project is supported by forward-thinking record label Gravitas Recordings. The future is looking sunny, let’s get pumped for a day at the beach.
John Robbins has a history spanning over 6 years and a mind-blowing resume of releases, remixes, festival appearances, and tours, he has earned his place in the often fickle, ever-changing world of electronic music. His previous project, RUN DMT, has been featured on the lineups of major festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco, Coachella, Wakarusa, and many more since 2013. He has officially remixed for the likes of Major Lazer, Diplo, Asking Alexandria, Twenty-One Pilots, and The Who. He has released 2 albums, and several EPs wrote an official song for the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack and featured his music on TV for Titanfall and ESPN.



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The Fisherman
Johnny Was A Surfer
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