Oliver Brusca – aka VOLO – is a young producer currently residing in Denver, Colorado. His music embodies everything that is triumphant in nature, blending world instruments, ethereal soundscapes, and driving synths. His tracks defy genres and constraints, oscillating between orchestral, future bass, house, and Trip-Hop. By crafting this multi-layered music, VOLO leaves his fans discovering new sounds and details every listen. “Drifter”, the latest offering from Denver solo artist Volo, visits the ears like a muted spring rainstorm. Healthy doses of both pulsating hip hop and smooth house are shaped by substantial infusions of world instrumentation. Admirers of Odesza, CloZee, and Bonobo will enjoy a sense of gratification within the blend of textured, retro yet futuristic intonation throughout. Though the five-track EP is his heftiest release yet, the character and spirit radiating from start to finish gives high hopes for Volo’s future contributions to electronic music.