Producer and rapper, Dysphemic, son of Vernon Treweeke the “Father of Australian Psychedelic Art”, started experimenting with music on a Commodore Amiga 500 and playing drums when he was still in primary school.

His unrelenting work ethic produced a number of acclaimed releases over his 10 year career traversing jungle, breakcore, hip hop, drum and bass, dubstep and glitch hop. Releases such as ‘Sloth’, ‘Androids’, ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Muthaf#ckn Dinosaur!’ received worldwide attention from music critics and raver kids alike.

Credited by Vice magazine for pioneering classical Dubstep and touring the four corners of the globe to sold out venues and critical acclaim cemented his name in music history forever.

For the past three years Dysphemic has been drawing crowds across the Northern and Southern Hemisphere festival circuit with a new signature sound mixing Greek and Middle Eastern world music with bass heavy EDM- a one man party sound system.