Willdabeast – Fabric of Reality

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Willdabeast is the brass slanging’ bass toting producer-duo of Will Glazier and Dan de Lisle. Infusing live wind instruments and original samples this duo will take you on a psychedelic, genre-bending ride that offers up a wide spectrum of refreshing upper-echelon electronic music. Being featured on blogs like The Untz, EDM.com, YourEDM, RunTheTrap and more, Willdabeast has made a great impression with their unique performances. Releasing music on labels like Westwood Recordings, Danktronics, and being part of the Gravitas Recordings roster, Willdabeast has put their stamp on the electronic music scene with their recognizable sound, marrying genres together in brand new ways with every track. Performing at world renowned venues and festivals such as Red Rocks, Shambhala, and more, they have no intention of slowing down. Their newest LP Fabric of Reality is a versatile project, spanning 10 powerful tracks blending elements of bass music, hip hop and live horns. This album was written to give energy, evoke thoughtfulness, and bring together listeners of all genres.

Willdabeast’s ritzy “Intro” establishes the imaginative vibe of the LP. Leaning into the theme of live horns, “Groundswell” is an energetic initiation into the world of Fabric of Reality. “Gordion Knot” brings a dynamic soundscape with its heavy components paired with jazz inspired instrumentals and vocals. Willdabeast pairs up with Phunk Bias on “Camels Can’t Swim” in an explosive exploration of bass meeting live horns. Next, “Logical Extremes” blends hip hop elements with worldly details, painting a versatile soundscape. Genre fusing “Same Team” incorporates a groovy atmosphere into the LP before a collaboration with nok nok, “Raining Red” marries Willdabeast’s majestic horns with nok nok’s worldly sound with a bass twist. “Lip Service” sets a lively tone before “Kiss of Death” brings a lavish and swanky grit to the LP. Finally, the ending track “Outro” guides Fabric of Reality to an impassioned and powerful conclusion.

– Willdabeast is Will Glazier and Dan de Lisle
– Written, recorded and produced by Willdabeast
– “Camels Can’t Swim” co-written by Phunk bias
– “Raining Red” co-written by nok nok
– Mixed by Will Glazier
– Mastered by Rob Levere
– Artwork by Edamame