Chamberlain – Ancient Technology

Australia-based Chamberlain returns with Ancient Technology featuring heavy basslines and organic acoustic atmospheres across six mystical heaters.Josh Teed returns to Gravitas Recordings on December 2nd, 2022 with an album we have been waiting years for.

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Three years after his visionary “Desert Horizon” single on Infusion, Vol. 3, Australia-based Chamberlain returns to Gravitas Recordings with Ancient Technology. Heavy basslines are tethered with organic acoustic atmospheres to create stomping beats across six mystical heaters. Featuring a collaboration with Projekt CC and an official remix by Zebbler Encanti Experience, Ancient Technology is a collection of work that centers around themes and cultural experiences tied into Chamberlain’s musical expression. Through revisiting the past, Ancient Technology invigorates those to embrace innovation and open the door for further artistic developments.

Atmospheric technological scans commence in “Lippy” as a whomping banger shortly ensues. Venturing through the wilderness, “Jungle Whispers” encircle you in a glitch ambush as worldly strings accompany the capturer. Things soon turn to “Dust” when otherworldly, thumping bass infiltrates the immersive environment. Exploring the territory, “Jellyfish” continuously rebound within the inky surface waters. When night begins to fall, Chamberlain enlists Projekt CC to share “Stories Under Stars” about a powerful quest through heavy sound dynamics. Zebbler Encanti Experience remixes “Dust” to offer an accelerated extension of the original, powering down Ancient Technology.


released June 19, 2020

Mastered by Wolfbit
Artwork by Seth Grym


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