Defying Gravity: Crafting a Concept Album with Defunk

A Path Unfolding with Jesse Brede and Defunk // S1E6

Enjoy this interview with Defunk, also known as Logan Anderson. Defunk discusses his latest album, “The Voyage,” which he conceptualized as a journey through space, symbolized by different worlds represented by each song. The album starts with chaos and intensity, depicting a traveler’s departure from Earth, and ends with a mellower tone, signifying a return home and self-reconnection.

The conversation touches on Defunk’s early days in music, his transition from a funk-focused sound to exploring heavier bass music, and his experiences with missed opportunities, including potential collaborations with Pretty Lights and Griz’s labels. The interview also mentions the challenges and dynamics of artist-run labels, with a nod to Westwood Recordings, Defunk’s home label. The discussion covers various influences, including swing and blues elements in Defunk’s earlier works, as well as his exploration of the heavier and darker side of bass music in recent years.

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