Hot off their 1st album release “Get Lucid”, The OriGinALz drop a mix of glitchy goodness comprised of original tracks, remixes and unreleased material.  Get ready for an hour of seamless bass n your face:

1 – The OriGinALz – Get Lucid (LabRat Remix)
2 – The OriGinALz – Metamorphosis (unreleased)
3 – The OriGinALz – Cyber Slaps (unreleased)
4 – J.Lo ft. Ja Rule – I’m Real (The OriGinALz Remix)'(unreleased)
5 – The OriGinALz – Float (unreleased)
6 – The OriGinALz – Lounge (unreleased)
7 – The OriGinALz – Descending Asecndance
8 – The OriGinALz – TreeZ (unreleased)
9 – The OriGinALz – Entheogen
10 – The OriGinALz – Cheez Wiz n’ Crackers
11 – The OriGinALz – Abnormal Existence
12 – The OriGinALz – City Skylights
13 – The OriGinALz & Hamm F.M. – O.G. Status (unreleased)
14 – The OriGinALz – Just Feelings
15 – The OriGinALz – Morning Blossoms
16 – SBTRKT ft. JENI – Wildfire (The OriGinALz Remix)
17 – The OriGinALz – Galaxy Conquest
18 – The OriGinALz – Get Lucid
19 – The OriGinALz – Get Lucid (FiLiBuStA Remix)


The OriGinALz, a west coast bass duo consists of Michael D. Rivera and Troy Prokopowich. They started working in the studio together, in late 2011, early 2012. What came was something unexpected. Their music consists of a rich plethora of synthetic and organic sounds. Ranging from hard hitting bass to more etheric melodic, futuristic purple sounds. Reaching into funky glitch hop and slower sexy club tunes. Michael was greatly influenced by hip hop, which gravitated him towards the beat scene and the keys early on. Troy is classically trained and has studied music theory, since the early years. He plays a wide variety of instruments .They inspire to bring innovation, authenticity and accessibility to their sounds, making point for there to be something for everyone to boogie down to on the dance floor without sacrificing the integrity of there music.