We wanted to take some time and introduce Gravitas artist Jason Torres, the mastermind behind the projection mapping that Gravitas Recordings has incorporated into their live shows.

As a VJ, Jason utilizes Resolume Avenue to perform the visual content he has collected. He has provided visuals for the likes of Sander Van Doorn, House Shoes, Austin’s favorite NtropyONE4ALLMetranohm, and Soccermom, and even at Austin’s annual Zombie Ball. The main thing that sets Jason’s VJ style apart from others, is his use of HD video instead of lower resolution content, giving viewers high quality images instead of a garbled mess of pixels.

Jason has also been pushing the field of projection mapping to new levels, using the Madmapper software and working with Jesse Brede and Alex Thurlow of the Gravitas crew to create the first projection mapping group in Austin. Their first client was CanWeNetwork, a social media startup, who hired the crew to projection map a party at the infamous Roial club in Austin, TX for SXSW 2012. He has also performed projection mapping for artists such as Ill-Esha, Robotic Pirate Monkey, and Moby.

Jesse and Jason recently enlisted the aid of After Effects artist Ryan Padgett as well, so expect the Gravitas shows in 2013 to look amazing.

Check out jasontorr.es for more info.

(You can also check out Jason’s Gravitas Page here