Zebbler Encanti Experience – Syncorswim

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Syncorswim, the new Audio/Visual masterpiece from Zebbler Encanti Experience via Gravitas Recordings, is a journey of the soul. A glitchy downtempo, ambient departure from the cacophonous dance-party entries in ZEE’s pre-pandemic catalog, Encanti’s stirring sound design, and Zebbler’s nature-inspired visuals are a deeply felt response to a global encounter with death, isolation, and the unfathomable resilience of love.


Encanti fled the United States the day before Scottish borders closed, to lock down with his life-partner Catherine on the wild west coast of the moody and remote Scottish Highlands. With the material world peeled back to expose the bare bones of existence, Syncorswim is a meditation on the myriad faces of love in a silent world gone mad with fear and loss. Each song is an emotional destination, a freeform concert in a literal wilderness, created and performed for an audience of one.


As the album unfolds, Encanti and Zebbler’s unique, emotive chemistry ebbs and flows with the intimate and nuanced cadences of the human psyche: “In Fixed Point in Motion,” featuring a virtuosic handpan performance from Dan Mulqueen, Zebbler counterpoints Encanti’s rhythmic tethers with the liquid landscapes and sensual morphology of his own extended immersion in American wilderness with his fiancé. Pulsating, broken dance beats unexpectedly ascend from the acoustic piano in “Moonrise.” Cinematic waves recede in “Ripple Continuum” only to plunder psychedelic underworlds of sexuality in Contact Traces. “Unseen” is a quiet and tender celebration, before the pure joy of “Surrendering” takes us to the generous, rolling climax and thrilling drop of this album. “Kintsugi” counterpoints again, as it grapples with  – and ultimately celebrates – the beauty of the cracks and crevices in a relationship. Vast organic soundscapes accompany the deeply hallucinogenic proto-banger “Ubiquitous.” Lastly, “Salud” pays homage to collective endurance before it brings the deep listener home to a warm, hopeful harbor after the storm.