Zebbler Encanti Experience – Inner G

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After a busy year split between touring and teaching at Berklee Valenica, audio-visual duo Zebbler Encanti Experience return to Gravitas Music with the full length album “Inner G”. Laced with flavors of trap, psytrance, glitch-hop, and dubstep, the release is a shape-shifting tapestry of precision synthesis that penetrates the mind while it permeates the body. The pair’s self-coined mutant genres “PsyTrap” and “NeuroTwerk” are well represented across 7 tracks, with high-energy bass music meeting detailed psychedelic sound design.

An international lineup of musicians and producer collaborations throughout provides an uncommon perspective; sitting atop an organic emotional foundation at it’s core, the album represents a convergence of many cultures and musical dialects. On tour in 2016, Inner G comes to life when ZEE lights up The ZEEggurat: a 20-foot wide projection-mapped stage setup. Each track is performed synchronized to a cascade of mind-bending immersive visuals, providing a unique encounter during each show.


  1. Inner G (feat. Ganavya)
  2. Zebbler Encanti Experience & POCKITZ – Riddlez
  3. Insource (feat. Ninesense)
  4. Manifest That Shit
  5. Zebbler Encanti Experience & Ananaki – Vimana
  6. Get Psycic (feat. Olivia Dawn)
  7. Puzzle of Egos