Zebbler Encanti Experience – Altered Projections

1. Psychic Projections (Shwex Remix)
2. ZEEDM (Samples Remix)
3. Temple (LOEJ Remix)
4. Psychic Projections (Bogtrotter Remix)
5. Totem (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix)
6. Psychic Projections (The Digital Connection Remix)
7. Temple (Moduloktopus Remix)


Altered Projections, the newest release from Zebbler Encanti Experience and Gravitas Recordings, is like a stained-glass digital consciousness that has been shattered and reassembled to produce an alternate color spectrum. Tonally textured and brilliantly organic, this EP delivers crystal-clear bass music that was crafted by an legendary lineup of forward-thinking producers, glued together by the sounds originally conceived in the production of Psychic Projections.

Lovers of dubstep, glitch hop, and IDM are sure to appreciate these seven tracks. Shwex warms things up first with his trippy, spacey take on “Psychic Projections”. The vibe turns heavy when Colorado favorite Ben Samples steps up to the plate, morphing “ZEEDM” into a main stage show-stopper. Gravitas alumni The Digital Connection brings his signature melodic style onboard for an uplifting dubstep stomper. Closing out the release is Moduloktopus, who offers up an insane future-club style track for his intense re-take on Temple, which features percussion from EOTO’s Jason Hann.

Waxhole Review: waxholerecords.com/2014/01/zebbler-encanti-experienced-get-remixe-good.html