Wolf-e-Wolf – Purple Planet

  1. Purple Planet
  2. Marble Palace
  3. Star Sniper
  4. Savage Land
  5. 2020
  6. Frost Byte
  7. Crystal Cave
  8. Star Sniper (Of The Trees Remix)
  9. Purple Planet (Shlump Remix)


Suggested Price: $3.00

Minimum Price: $0.00


A perfect soundtrack for any trip into outer space, Wolf-e-Wolf’s “Purple Planet” comes correct as his first full length album for Gravitas Recordings. Influences from deep dubstep and modern trap come together to create a fusion simultaneously digestible yet original. Swirling arpeggiation and cosmic synthesis populate this distant world, with 9 tracks that bob between vibes and tempos painlessly. Intermixing tribal styles and psychedelic bass, Of The Trees brings a bit of glitch hop flavor to Star Sniper. Northern California’s Shlump takes the title track and slows it way down, morphing it into a pulsing, swampy closer for the release.