Wolf-e-Wolf – BATTLEMODE

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Wolf-e-Wolf returns with his fourth release on Gravitas Recordings, fittingly titled ‘BATTLEMODE’. The five-track EP escorts the listener through an intergalactic conflict where arpeggiation-powered synths and dominant yet dynamic basslines take center stage. As a veteran of bass music, the Texas-based producer effortlessly conveys his maneuverability throughout by switching tempos and modifying rhythms from track to track. Wolf-e-Wolf continues to stretch his seasoned skill-set with a unique crunchy style sure to perk the ears of even the most knowledgable basshead; feeling both familiar and fresh, his work is certain to continue its evolution as the years progress.

The eponymous title track lives up to its namesake by stacking retro gaming-style synthesis and light-speed snares alongside a booming bass cannon, setting a tone for further tunes to follow. Next, ‘Dimensions’ boosts the intensity, sending listeners into a cosmic combat arena filled with contenders from various 8-bit worlds. The classic dubstep-inspired ‘Uno’ builds from an unmistakably reggae guitar sample, pairing pitched down vocals and turntable scratches against a distinctly dub rhythm. With a tactile atmosphere and haunting melody, ‘Sludge Hammer’ closes out the EP in victorious fashion with wandering melody set against heavily modulated bass lines.