AHEE, David Starfire, Bósa – Walking in the Stars

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Long ago, the Ancient Aztecs observed the stars through pond reflections. “Walking In The Stars,” out via Gravitas Recordings, is the celestial creation of Bosa, David Starfire, and AHEE that pays homage and serves as a connection to the ancient construct. From Sunev’s (Bosa) inspiration of indigenous musical sources and experiences traveling abroad, Stephan’s (Bosa) seasoned veteran status in the festival circuit, David Starfire’s legendary prestige as the pioneer of the global bass genre, and AHEE’s eminence for exploring uncharted realms of electronic music, this trio of Los Angeles virtuosos is an ingenious and resourceful coalescence. Throughout four inventive minutes, a subterfuge of basses and world percussion are employed, woven with a bluesy sentiment and a dash of pop vocals to permeate emotions. At its core, “Walking In The Stars” employs enticing tribal rhythms to escort you on an introspective journey as the drumbeat transports your body abroad to a distant land.