Various Artists – DEF CON XX Compilation

  1. AMB – On the Run
  2. Minibosses – Sports!!!
  3. Dale Chase – SSH to Your Heart featuring Shannon Morse
  4. Zebbler Encanti Experience – Data Mind
  5. MC Frontalot – Secrets From the Future (Crimson Death Remix)
  6. Mochipet – Domo’s Bass Station
  7. ytcracker – Hacker War
  8. Great Scott – gr33tz
  9. Royal Sapien – In Chicago in the Time of the Fair (Royal Sapien fork for DEF-CON XX)
  10. REGENERATOR – Slave (DEF-CON Discipline Mix by Mach)
  11. Dual Core – Fear and Chaos
  12. Cryptex – Error
  13. High Sage – High Sage featuring Katy Rokit – Stuck on Ceazar’s Challenge (KEW QEIMYUK QEIMYUK QEIM AYM)
  14. .bil bless – grimjaw (the hunt for the)


DEF CON – one of the worlds largest and longest running hacking conferences, celebrates its 20th year with an energetic and appropriately themed compilation. Founder and head of the conference, Jeff Moss (also known as Dark Tangent), tasked DEF-CON “goon” and Muti Music artist Great Scott with cherry picking the talent filled track selections; attentively acknowledging that music is our fuel. Glitch Hop acts AMB, Mochipet and Cryptex play along side nerd-rockers Minibosses, nerdcore rap all-stars like MC Frontalot, and technoists like Highsage. The mix of hacker artists is like riding a wave of concentration: zoning out to the ambient tones and letting the determining beats carry your energy and flow (or moving your fingers on the keyboard for that matter).

100 percent of the proceeds from the sales go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non profit agency advocating digital rights, fighting for first amendment rights and against egregious government bills like SOPA and the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. We urge you to purchase the DEF CON XX Compilation and spread the word to your friends and family.

Release artwork by DEF-CON resident artist: Neil Kronenberg.