Ultimate Fantastic – Gadzooks

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Ultimate Fantastic is an unparalleled combination of intelligent lyricism and spine melting R&B vocals upon a foundation of meticulously produced original bass music. Initially joining forces for a Burning Man project, this team of musicians quickly won the affection of any audience who caught their show, which features an infectious array of supreme talent, friendship, humor and creative prowess on stage. Steeped in the West Coast, the group draws from a variety of influences including underground hip-hop, festival sub- cultures, electronic dance music and roots and soul; while synthesizing their original artistry into ardent and unbridled musical expression and storytelling. Their sound is at once tasteful and classic as it is futuristic and imaginative. The group is excited to present their newest project, Gadzooks featuring additional female vocals from Deva Believa, a spitfire MC.

Bass heavy and vibrant, Gadzooks is a colorful contrast from Ultimate Fantastic’s debut release Super Human. An innovative approach to their EDM and hip-hop origins, the album is uniquely decorated with the percussive stylings of Dropical, and laced with intellectual lyricism and sexy intrigue. “Who Now?” sets the high-energy pace for the record with infectious vocals paired with a dynamic bass line. Deep and exhilarating “Keep Moving” keeps us grooving with its in your face lyrics before “Gritty” captures our attention with it’s fun and zestful soundscape. “Freaky Zone” sets an energetic and alluring tone ahead of reverberating and buzzing “Godzilla”. “Mind Blown” featuring Deva Believa perfectly employs its vibrant and in-your-face soundscape while “PCH” gives reprieve with it’s warm and uplifting temper. “The Weekend” paints the perfect picture of summer with its playful reggae inspired environment. “Down With You” changes the pace featuring classy and swanky aural environments before “Family Affair” closes out the album with an imaginative, celebratory family anthem.

– Music written, produced and mixed by: Dropical

“The Weekend” music written by Dropical and Resonant Sun
– Vocals and Lyrics by: Wink, Deja Solis, Pharroh

“Mind Blown” Vocals and Lyrics: Deva Believa

“Down With You”
– Keyboards: Jacob Aginsky
– Guitar: Ananda Vaughan
– Piano: Asher Fulero
– Saxophone: Chris Noonan