TRIGO (pronounced try-go) is the moniker of Jerry Perez, a Producer/DJ based out of Denver, CO with over 6 years’ experience DJʼing in local clubs and bars while creating momentum for himself in the underground Bass/Wave music scene. Molding a unique sound from influences in the Dubstep, Trance, Drum & Bass and early Metal/Rock communities, TRIGO has created a new experience that takes any listener on an emotional and thought-provoking journey while making them dance at the same time. TRIGO has been featured on labels and collectives such as and Electric Hawk. Bordering the line between wave and world bass, TRIGO offers 6 new tracks in his new Primal EP, out on Gravitas Recordings November 19.

From the depths of the deep space, Relic opens up the EP with hard hitting, primal clashes, journeying us into the expanse of TRIGO’s astrological journey. Instinct encourages us to tap into our primal side with its powerful and glitchy breaks while Ancient Mysteries opens our curious minds with its mysterious and melodic environment. Curiosity piqued, listeners are fully immersed in the narrative that continues with Hold Up, infusing hip hop and hard wave elements, creating the perfect fusion of genres. Midnight Canopy invites the listener further into the illbient and reflective journey through infinite and curling soundscapes. Finally, Primordial embodies ancient mysteries with oscillating atmospheres, encouraging exploration and inquisitiveness.