The Digital Connection – Chasing The Midnight Sky

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“Chasing The Midnight Sky” comes as the first full length album from The Digital Connection in over two years. The young producer leans toward downtempo inspirations for the 10 track collection, with distinct nods to greats such as Tipper, Bonobo, and Telefon Tel Aviv. That’s not to say he’s moved away from bass-centered compositions: many of his varied influences shine brightly throughout. Pulling from a vast collection of self-made field recordings, the Colorado native time and again constructs mystical ambiance filled with surreptitious audile treasures. As per the expected, the LP arrives as a free/pay-what-you-want release via Gravitas Music.

Each track is in itself a different journey. Upbeat yet melancholy, “When I Miss You” is a beautiful illustration of such a common desire. “Deeper” takes the listener through underwater temples from a lost civilization. Tasteful acoustic guitar takes primary focus in the highly atmospheric “Brave Moon”. Launching with a staggered, lurching beat, “If Only You Knew” intelligently uses an odd time signature to spice up the release. “Inevitable Transition” resolves the album with a highly psychedelic odyssey, successfully clearing the palette for whatever may come next.


  1. Bad Trip
  2. When I Miss You
  3. Until We Wake
  4. Deeper
  5. Sometimes Stuck
  6. Brave Moon
  7. Unspoken
  8. If Only You Knew
  9. Embrace The Sun
  10. Inevitable Transition