The Digital Connection – A Clean Slate

1. The Way I Remember
2. I Won’t Be feat. Cristina Soto & Midivil
3. Falling So Far
4. This Is For You
5. I Won’t Be feat. Cristina Soto & Midivil (Dance Edit)
6. Hold Your Breath


Smooth and sensual, the newest release from The Digital Connection explores the deeper, downtempo side of this Colorado producer. “A Clean Slate”, due on March 4th via Gravitas Recordings, is a six track assemblage of auditory bliss. The album’s delicate single, “I Won’t Be”, is a collaboration with well-known vocalist Cristina Soto as well as co-producer MiDiViL. Masterful sound design and imaginative sampling merge with alluring, thoughtful melody to create a cohesively distinct yet familiar EP. Although the album does stray from past work stylistically, The Digital Connection’s third Gravitas release showcases similar influences from past albums, now wrapped neatly up in a fresh package and available as a name-your-price offering.