Space Jesus & Esseks – Dopplebangers

Suggested Price: $3.00

1. Mannequin Skywalker
2. Don' Bite Me
3. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S*
4. Dream Whirled
5. Mannequin Skywalker (Freddy Todd Remix)
6. Don' Bite Me (Jade Cicada Remix)
7. Slomosapian ft. D.V.S* (Yheti Remix)
8. Dream Whirled (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix)


On any overcast night deep within the supernatural suburbs of Brooklyn, one could find Space Jesus and Esseks hard at work conjuring their next otherworldly audio concoction. “Dopplebangers” proves itself to be the grandest fruits of this labor, featuring four eccentric originals plus four remixes from Freddy Todd, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Yheti, and Jade Cicada. Simultaneously eerie and enchanting, “Dopplebangers” reaches deep toward the roots of bass music, subtly mixing complex sound design with engaging harmony. The nocturnal, haunting, and spooky nature of the songs comes across as an unexpected breath of fresh air in a musical landscape so deprived of ingenuity and originality. As their first release with Texas-based Gravitas Music, the duo has opted to make the entire album free/pay-what-you-want, inviting listeners to step inside their carefully crafted realm of bass-centric soundscapes.