Soulular – Heartblast

1. Heartblaster
2. Touch
3. Existence
4. Like Lightning
5. Icaro
6. Internal Galaxies
7. Believer


Uplifting, emotive, and impassioned – Soulular’s third EP released via Gravitas Recordings, “Heartblast”, is an admirable exhibition of what bass music can be. Each song is a perfectly crafted blend of both beauty and groove, lending themselves as the soundtrack to both late night and early morning atmospheres. Always one to push his own boundaries, Jeff Laos shows off his years of study and practice throughout the seven track free/pay-what-you-want album.

Starting strong, “Heartblaster” combines chopped vocals and a retro lead into a soothing yet bouncy package. “Touch” goes a bit deeper, boasting meticulous, psychedelic sound design. The rigid basslines in both “Existence” and “Icaro” give each track a hype feel without subtracting from the melodic elegance. Closing out the album is “Believer”, a sultry tune filled with swaying arpeggiation and supple synth work.

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