Soulacybin – Stazi

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Smooth and hypnotic, “Stazi” is the latest full length album offered up by Colorado-based Soulacybin, out now for free via Gravitas Music. While steeped in introspective experimentation, the LP avoids clichéd and overly complicated phrases, instead spotlighting potent yet simple melody. True dub influences mesh flawlessly with the finely tuned psychedelic soundscape intrinsic to Soulacybin’s style. A careful balance of organic and synthetic elements is struck on each of the 11 tracks, providing a harmonious listening experience from the onset.

One of the first noticeable qualities of the LP is the sophisticated sound design throughout. The moody, cinematic affair “Siber” sets the tone for all that follows. “Multisq” continues slowly, gradually morphing into a churning, dripping journey. More focused on a highly digital aesthetic, “Measurement of Improbability” utilizes glitched percussion to impart visions of cyberoptic neural networks. “See Through Darkness” brings about a more psytrance-influenced vibe while shifting back and forth between breakbeats, thus preventing any sign of stagnation. Shaped by stirring orchestral strings, “Riikkee” uplifts the listener before returning to the textured synthesis seen throughout. Finally, the title track acts as the perfect end cap to the album; being centered around acoustic guitar and nature recordings, it produces an unwinding effect helpful to decompressing after such an intricate odyssey.


  1. Siber
  2. Multisq
  3. Measurement of Improbability
  4. Zeu
  5. Four/Five
  6. See Through Darkness
  7. ARM of Hope
  8. Zalamander
  9. Autonom
  10. Riikkee
  11. Stazi