Snareophobe – Snareophobe

1. Power Up (Featuring Eva Lazarus)
2. Time & Space (Featuring Dub Fx)
3. Oneness (Featuring MC Idle)
4. Thanks For Nothing (Featuring Sirius, Marf & Lil’ Rhys)
5. Stress Relief
6. Real Love
7. Conquering Lion (Featuring Jinx in Dub) 04:39
8. Diamonds in the Dirt (Featuring Eva Lazarus & Lil’ Rhys)
9. I Double L (Featuring Eva Lazarus)
10. Riots Not Diets
11. Roommate & Ill-Esha – Holla Down (Snareophobe Remix)
12. I Double L (Featuring Eva Lazarus) (ill-esha Remix)


Gravitas Recordings’ latest offering comes by way of Bristol, UK from globetrotting producer Snareophobe, aka Chris Pope and former member Pete Cadney. The self titled LP, which is available for free download, boasts a number of collaborations and remixes from noteworthy producers and guest vocalists, including Dub FX, ill-esha, Roommate, among many more. A single listen shows Snareophobe’s refined ears for detail, as they skips effortlessly between an array of genres and influences. While the first half of the album lends itself to thick chords and grooving, lounge-worthy beats, Snareophobe shifts gears as the latter half brings up the energy with a healthy serving of glitch hop and dubstep. Any lover of diverse electronic music will feel right at home among the many waxing and waning styles of the Snareophobe LP.