Psymbionic – Vision

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Even as his career grows in scope, Psymbionic still seeks to advance his understanding of music. His new full length album “Vision” is a prime example of the experimentation that in-depth learning inspires. Each track walks a razor’s edge between the sound he has cultivated and the amorphous world he’s reaching for – a world where songs vary like snowflakes, and aren’t born just to melt away. The release is a trip to the boundaries of cohesiveness, full of key swaps and cinematic flexibility that subtly refracts the borders of modern bass music. Described by the artist as a direct challenge to his own patterns, Psymbionic feels that these are the best original tunes he has ever written.

“Vision” is out now on the Austin, TX imprint, Gravitas Music, a tasteful and diverse electronic label managed by the man behind Psymbionic himself, John Burcham. Collaborators on the album include several acts with healthy roots in Gravitas: Cloudchord (formerly D.V.S*), Space Jesus, Of The Trees, and the stunning vocalist Cristina Soto.


  1. Retroactive
  2. Vision w/ Cloudchord
  3. All I Need ft. Cristina Soto
  4. Short Circuit
  5. The Last Quasar w/ Space Jesus
  6. 2 Wicked w/ Of The Trees
  7. Low Tide
  8. Airhead