Psymbionic – Parallels (Part 1: Storm)

1. Continuum ft. Jay Fresh
2. Slither
3. Parallels ft. Vokab Kompany
4. Facade ft. ONE4ALL
5. Slither (VibeSquaD Remix)


On Psymbionic’s “Storm”, you will find one side of the looking glass. As the first half of his two part release “Parallels”, this offering will be followed by its lighter sibling, “Eye”, later in 2014. “Storm” predominantly features upbeat and bass-heavy tracks and collaborations – music to fuel the more intense side of life. Released in partnership with Gravitas Recordings, the album is available as a free/pay-what-you-want download.

Strong foundations are laid with “Continuum”, an excursion through facets of funky hip hop with lyrics from the illustrious Jay Fresh. Next, “Slither” marches in as a serious stomper, heavy with bass-fueled melody. Vokab Kompany delivers a tenacious combination of vocals blended with mutant bass on the title track “Parallels”, creating an experience that fluctuates between glitch hop and dnb. “Facade”, co-produced with Gravitas alumni ONE4ALL, explores the sexy and futuristic before flipping the script with a moombahton-powered rhythm. Wrapping up the release is VibeSquaD’s reimagining of “Slither” which morphs the original into a trippy jam, providing a smooth landing until you hit play once again.