Psy Fi – Totality Remixed

Suggested Price: $5.00


A perfect sequel to his Gravitas-released continuous-mix album “Totality,” Psy Fi delivers a fresh iteration of diversified sounds through “Totality Remixed.” A small army of bass architects have assembled to tackle remix duties for the epic originals, including Au5, Moniker, Wolf-e-Wolfe, Stephan Jacobs, and Dubvirus.

The album opens with Au5’s trademarked, opulent sound, showcasing ‘Ecotone’ in renewed light. Next, Wolf-e-Wolfe’s take on ‘Cerebro’ equips the listener with a throbbing, weighty rhythm to bounce their head to. Northern California-based Moniker summons dystopian imagery in their adaptation of ‘Mutiny,’ producing fanatical visions via electrified leads and distorted chords. An accelerated build precedes the unadulterated voice of brass instrumentation in Hollis’ reconstruction of ‘As I Go,’ with Beauz quickly following with a mutating breaks-come-electro interpretation of ‘Ecotone.’ Dubvirus closes out the release with his spin on the title track; a whimsical, light-hearted introduction advances through shimmering synthesis to arrive at the summit filled with pulsating, crunchy basslines.