ONE4ALL – Extrospect

1. Journeyman
2. Crossing Dimensions
3. She Gets What She Wants
4. Misconception
5. Headed West

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‘Extrospect’, the hypnotic new EP from ONE4ALL, is forecasted for release February 5th, 2013 on Gravitas Recordings. The album marks the beginning of what looks to be a fruitful year for this native Texas producer, setting the stage for future major league endeavors. Pulling strongly from varying flavors of hip hop, each of the five tracks has a distinct style yet retains a cohesion to one another.

“Journeyman” grips the listener quickly as the opening track, teasing tense interplay between the varied basslines. Guitar riffs take center stage on “Crossing Dimensions”, evoking a soulful yet stimulating reaction. “She Gets What She Wants” serves as a driving interlude with it’s gated stabs and big room synths. Lush chords and infectious leads are skillfully perched across bouncing percussion in “Misconception”, giving it a uplifting feeling throughout. Wrapping up the release, “Headed West” takes an almost melancholy turn with it’s focus on hypnotic synth harmonies.


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