Of The Trees – Vacationland

1. Fever Trip
2. Hyperflux
3. Absolution
4. Last Request


Portland, Maine based producer Of The Trees is no stranger to sexy electronic music. Now with his second free EP offered through Gravitas Recordings, Tyler Coombs goes way beyond even his own previous best with Vacationland. A stirring and impassioned collection, these four pieces of music rightfully deserve to be called “songs” as a distinguishing mark against the current epidemic of disposable music. Listeners who gravitate toward the likes of Mimosa, Minnesota, Gladkill and Kastle will all be pleasantly satisfied with this trip to Vacationland.

The EP starts strong with the highly infectious Fever Trip, an aptly named excursion through swirling arpeggiators and pitch modulated chords. Hyperflux’s soulful yet wonky manner serve as a perfect palette cleanser after a stressful day, preparing you for everything the night has to offer. Next, Absolution goes deep with an immaculate fusing of trap and footwork styles and no small dose of emotive melody. Almost as if it was written as the soundtrack for a melancholy goodbye, Last Request sums up the album with only a touch of regret, perhaps due to a wish that your time in Vacationland could have been just a bit longer.

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