Of The Trees – Threshold

1. How Do You Feel
2. Check The Vibe
3. Nobody Does It Better
4. Back In The Day
5. Never Give Up
6. Time’s Are Changing

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While Maine is quite famous for many things, fostering musicians is not often at the top of the list. However, Of The Trees seeks to change that notion with his debut “Threshold” EP which serves up a wonderfully crisp exploration of modern melodic bass music. Ranging in speeds from dubstep to glitch hop, this four track release integrates spacious chords with vast synth stabs and a heavy dose of 808 percussion.

The aptly named title track blasts thing off with a buoyant tone as bubbly progressions give way to uplifting yet funky keyboard riffs. “First Flight” draws heavy influence from prevalent trap rhythms, but detours in unconventional directions with it’s resonant saw wave leads.
Seamlessly switching between lighthearded arpeggios and vivacious basslines, “Tion Cluster” uses vividly filtered thumps and wobbles to drive it’s groove. “Radiogenic” hits a more upbeat tempo, focusing on stuttering vocal cuts and 8-bit bloops to get your feet moving.