MORiLLO – Colibri

Proven to be a versatile artist of many styles and vibes, MORiLLO goes a step further to develop his sound with his debut album, Colibri.

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Proven to be a versatile artist of many styles and vibes, MORiLLO goes a step further to develop his sound with his debut album, Colibri. In the beginning of 2019, MORiLLO journeyed south to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. There, he was able to dedicate his creative attention to producing unique, forward-thinking music that is naturally embedded with the mystical and magical energies that flow through the ancient valley. Inspired by fresh world beats that make your body move, Colibri offers a wide array of flavors including organic flutes, drum-set grooves, percussion, saxophones, trombones, vocals and conch shells mixed with deep 808s and synths.

MORiLLO introduces Colibri with “One Love, One Heart.” It focuses on an all original tribal chant, accompanied by words of unity and a fluid, global soundscape that culminates into conch shell bass bombs. “World House” takes listeners on a safari adventure through bass house, while exploring more soundscapes and organic percussive elements. Featuring MORiLLO on live drums, “Guinea Pig” and “Ascension” showcase a unique sound created by combining drum-set grooves with classic bass wubs and wobbles. “PPV’s,” which features Baltimore based rapper AWALL, spotlights MORiLLO’s taste for trap bangers with the track’s signature cascading percussive clinks that precede a distorted space bass drop. Moving forward, ominous sounds gradually crescendo until “Booty” drops into a minimalistic space and an infectious flute melody floats over a deep hip hop groove. In a three-way collaboration with Peruvian-based rap duo Ulula Roots and flutist Nelson BC, “Fire Burn” conveys a bi-lingual message of stoking the fire within overtop a downtempo hip hop groove and deep 808s. Shakers and more flutes in “Humming Bird” create a tense build up from a beautiful acoustic environment to a dubbed out tech house groove. MORiLLO’s deeply rooted reggae influences make a quick appearance in “Brooklyn,” before a massive horn line bounces overtop heavy 808s. Closing out the album, “Movement” deceptively starts quiet but is quickly met with a banging drum groove as an unexpected infusion of bass wubs and more emotional global elements enter.

Throughout Colibri, MORiLLO explores multiple genres and styles within electronic music. However, it is tied together with a carefully selected palette of authentic instruments and rhythms that give Colibri a truly recognizable sound that allows it to transcend genre labels and simply be good music.


released October 18, 2019

Artwork: Roland LeFox
Mastering: Lion’s Den Mastering