Mindex – The Flavor

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Steeped in contemporary sound design and clever melody, the latest release from Russia’s Mindex is quite a funky one. “The Flavor” lives up to it’s name, with tasty bass comprising the main course seasoned with groovy hip-hop influenced drum work. Crisp production is a strong uniting factor throughout the album. While all five songs are delivered in sync, each has their own distinct zest collated by jazzy progressions and retro electric piano.

“Don’t Try To Teach Me” initiates the EP with soulful vocals from fellow Moscow-based musician Milena Sarkisyan. Demonstrating the true cutting-edge quality of present-day electronic music, “Prism Cutter” bounces effortlessly between psychedelia and glitch hop from moment to moment. Concluding on a melancholic note, “Jazzy Mood” goes a bit deeper with smooth swing-filled percussion and just the right dose of live brass. The ever generous Gravitas Music has once again made this album available through their free/pay-what-you-want model, hoping to catch the ears of bass music fans as well as those who grew up on blues, jazz, and funk.


  1. Don’t Try To Teach Me
  2. Prism Splitter
  3. Old Good Days
  4. Monsta Funk
  5. Jazzy Mood (Crystal Mix)