Mindex – Nostaltrophin

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The newest offering in the cerebral saga of Mindex, “Nostaltrophin”, continues his signature style of deep bass with garage-y beats, jazzy riffs, and glitchy synthesis. Available now as a free/pay-what-you-want release on Gravitas Recordings, this EP seeks to emulate the mysterious chemical sensation of nostalgia with lush sonic soundscapes. Mindex embarks on an expedition of sound throughout the 6 tracks, fusing his distinctively rich and fluid basslines with light swells of melodies that produce a rush of comforting memories.

Each song on this album, whether complemented by harp, xylophone, or vintage synth, paints an emotional story emulating innumerable corners of our mind. This complexity creates a poignant vibe that seemingly guides the listener into an endless sea; a place that feels alien yet somehow faintly familiar, with waves of soothing euphoria.