Megan Hamilton – Feed The Animals

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Minneapolis-based producer and vocalist Megan Hamilton fulfills her mantra of “causing funky riots and catchy house tunes” with her newest EP, Feed the Animals, out now on Gravitas Recordings. This latest offering delivers an amalgam of Megan’s two biggest influences, midtempo glitch hop and house music. Feed the Animals was inspired to bridge the gap between her influences and previous works to produce a polished extension of her current brand and sound. The four-track EP feature musicality and melody that simultaneously uphold the minimalism of house and contemporary weird sound designs.

A soothing music box commences “Cosmic Soup,” with a groovy soundscape and piano break that segues into progressive house and oscillating wubs. Featuring Freez, “Crash” incorporates funk and hip-hop with instrumental elements that spirals into a captivating, hypnotic techno sound design. Mesmerizing vocals in “Doin What I Want” bewitch listeners in a spellbinding enchantment that advances the techno wave. “Forbidden” prolongs the trance by consolidating Megan’s mystifying and melodic vocals with a bass house kick that supplies a satisfying conclusion to the EP.