Low Lite – Primary

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At only 19 years old, Low Lite emerges to the forefront of up-and-coming producers with his dynamic debut EP, Primary. Low Lite showcases unique styles and feelings to signal the diversity of his future music by infusing bass and EDM with soul and jazz, even nodding to his training as a classical musician.

The downtempo “Love Cadenza” starts the EP off on a mellow journey. Low Lite enlists the help of Chicago-rapper ProbCause and ethnomusicologist Balkan Bump, who joins with his signature trumpet, to add a soulful flavor to “HyperJoy.” “A Better Day” features the mystifying vocals of Irene Waye to close out the record. Each track incorporates a spectrum of sound and represents a primary color, with the visual part of the electro-magnetic spectrum transitioning from infrared to ultraviolet.