Love & Light – Keep Control

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After a lengthy hiatus, producer/DJ pair Love & Light return to the vast world of music with their effervescent album “Keep Control,” released via Gravitas Recordings. Feelings of contagious elation are woven throughout the LP; the tracks range from inspirative pick-me-ups to reflective slow-jams, showcasing a glimpse of their individual roots. Using a myriad of sounds both from synthesis and the environment has allowed the duo to present audible occurrences that are somewhat ineffable and only understood by experience.

The leading track, “Get the Party,” bursts at the seams with glitchy vocals atop rhythmic beats. Mechanical yet fluid sounds fill “Twilight” while faint guitar floats through ethereal, blissful atmosphere in “GQ.” Next, “Night Life” builds the momentum; morphing into a robust trap-heavy lifeform, the song speaks with a spirited pulse. The vibe seamlessly carries over into the title track with firm orders to embrace good times through its bouncy melody. Upon reaching the energetic climax of the LP, “Elevate Activate” peaks with impactful sounds that demand attention. Closing out the collection comes “A Hyphestyle,” highlighting the compelling twists and turns that mirror the journey experienced throughout the album itself.