Lil Fish – Organic

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France-native Lil Fish unveils his newest musical masterpiece and first project with Gravitas Recordings, Organic. Alongside the title, the term “organic” is manifested in two unique ways within this personal and introspective project. First, it depicts the organic side of acoustic instruments. It illustrates the warmth and richness of ethnic instruments and the emotions that visual images may elicit. The tracks featured are mixed with deep, energetic electronic rhythm and atmosphere to travel along a musical journey. Second, it is organic by being rooted to nature, in connection with the essence of life. Organic contrasts with the technological world, which tends to distance people from the essence of life over time. This EP evokes the desire to become aware and to stay grounded through mind traveling music. Fabien presents these ideas in a dynamic of hope through six colorful pieces inside a musical melting pot.

“Apologize” draws listeners into a mind traveling escapade within euphoric worldly bass comprised of ethereal soundscapes. “Theory” blends hard hitting bass with melodic, ethnic music that induces inner reflection. Featuring CloZee, “The Lost Voices” presents fluid synthesis before the cries of the lost voices are entwined with spiraling ethnic instrumentation. Suddenly, listeners must run through and escape the “Burning Forest” that trails behind, later finding salvation within peaceful atmospheres. Title track “Organic” instigates a grounding back to nature through tranquil beats that inspire awareness and a sense of wonder. “Origines” concludes the EP with dynamic acoustic environments, which mind travel listeners back as they finish grounding themselves back to nature.