LeMoti – Olive Oil & Octopus

1. Bellina The Octopus

2. Shades of Blue

3. Out From Under

4. 107th Part Deux

5. Turn Around

6. Out From Under (Torvvo Remix)

7. 107th Part Deux (Buku Remix)

Suggested Price: $3.00

Minimum Price: $0.00


As architects of all music styles deep, LeMoti comes correct on their first album for Gravitas Music, “Olive Oil & Octopus”. From their foothold in Pittsburgh, the duo has composed five original tracks that feel nostalgic yet simultaneously contemporary, plus two remixes from hometown colleagues Buku and Torvvo. The album begins with LeMoti’s iconic “Bellina The Octopus”, a catchy half-time number that effortlessly sings from late-night club track to emotional ballad over the course of four silky minutes. Next, “Shades Of Blue” uses a smooth, slow four-to-the-floor beat as the foundation for dreamy arpeggios and chopped vocals. Pulling from evident hip hop roots comes “Turn Around”, an edgy yet calm ditty with proper focus given to its groovy basslines and chiming synthesis. Tech house enthusiast Torvvo offers a intricate, driving rework of “Out From Under”, while Buku finishes things off with an unconditionally smashing remix of “107th”.