Krooked Drivers – Right Beneath Your Feet

1. On The Line
2. All Time High
3. The Underground
4. Taking Your Love
5. Forgive Me
6. Loose Ends


Soulful, sample-based hip hop gets a proper facelift with the new EP from Colorado’s Krooked Drivers, “Right Beneath Your Feet”, released via Gravitas Recordings. The six track album comes rolling in like a thick fog, deliberately whimsical yet all encompassing. The duo of Maddy O’neal and Donnie Dalbora have worked wonders here, pulling influences from across the decades and tying them together into quite the harmonious package. A medley of instruments shine through, from intricate, silky brass melody to tender synth lines.

Like the soundtrack to a lost movie, “On The Line” kicks things off with groovy rhythm and glitch hop texture. “All Time High” evokes visions of a smokey jazz lounge; with your scotch in hand, you sip slowly as the band plays one last ballad. From the sultry sounds of “Forgive Me”, to the funky, upbeat vibe of “The Underground”, Krooked Drivers show off their talent for tugging at your heartstrings with every track they create. “Loose Ends” lives up to its title in proper fashion, closing out the album in style and leaving you in an introspective state of mind.