Kendall Clark – Retro Future

1. The City
2. Space Ride
3. Retro Future
4. And It's All Right

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Disco space odyssey “Retro Future”, the debut EP from Gravitas Recordings artist Kendall Clark, takes you on a warp speed journey through the universe of electronic music. Covering a wide range of styles, Clark takes influences from glitch hop, tech house and drum and bass to craft a sound that is both vibrant and diverse.

The opening track ‘The City’ sets the stage for an ominous futuristic landscape scattered in technological decay, as you follow the rogue astronaut protagonist on his journey through an abandoned metropolis run by machines.

The second track ‘Space Ride’ takes you straight to the dance floor. A driving tech house beat accompanied by vintage bass and synth stabs melds into a disco groove the likes of Chromeo and Breakbot. This whimsical track is about a girl getting rescued by a super suave space playboy who has traveled the span of the universe to find her.

The title track ‘Retro Future’ comes as an intercepted galactic transmission, warning of a colossal invasion. Blazing DnB rhythms and annihilating synth bass carry the apocalyptic anthem, “Can’t stop the Retro Future from coming”.