Gravitas Recordings – Infusion Vol 1

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Infusion Vol. 1 assembles many months of single song releases together into a new compilation focused on various flavors of electronic music. As a series, Infusion seeks to curate artists, songs, and genres to deliver a weekly dose of modern aural surprise and delight. Each tune is paired with a complimentary piece of artwork from 3D graphic design experts Prouwl and Donnie Pitts, creating a visual progression through consistent track publications. Together, these twelve distinct songs forge a diverse yet consistent listening experience; the selection of songs becomes stronger than any of the individual offerings, culminating in a collection larger than just the sum of its parts.

The compilation begins with a dreamy, cinematic piece from a new favorite, LeSage. Next, renowned vocalist Cristina Soto tells two masterful stories; first on “Heavy”, she pairs with the ever talented Of The Trees before moving forward with “Ghost of Me”, a vibrant collaboration with French producer CloZee. ill-esha, Wolf-e-Wolf, Psymbionic, Dysphemic, and Esseks all further represent the Gravitas family while delivering songs that span the range of heavy dubstep to melodic future bass. Apart from these alumni, a cast of newcomers round out the compilation, all proving they have the chops to stand beside some of the most talented producers on the roster.