High Step Society – Sweet Tooth

Suggested Price: $5.00


Sweet Tooth was born out of a close collaboration between High Step Society and Free Creatures – two up and coming Oregon powerhouse groups. After a sold-out show at the legendary Applegate Lodge in S. Oregon, this team of creatives put their heads together in Marv & Emily’s living room to write the bulk of the song in one session. The result is a delicious combination of the two styles of these groups that tickles the taste buds and leaves the listener drooling for more.

This sweet-sounding piece is filled with smooth lyricism and uplifting soundscapes. Influences of jazz and electronic music blend perfectly to create something entirely new letting the story fully come to life.

Written by High Step Society & Free Creatures
Mixed by Victor Franca Audioworks
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield
Artwork by Jaquelyn Cruz