Hello Yes – Moon Cloud

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The world has now gotten a feel for the sound of Hello Yes, and there is no plan to slow down. ‘Moon Cloud’, out April 1st, is the second single from the duo, diving into the euphoric feelings of love, acceptance, and understanding. The pair’s groove is undeniable, showing their talents for integrating various genres, always leaving you wanting more.

Vibrant bass strokes alongside wavy synths generate a lively dynamic from the beginning. Retro-sounding lyrics present a nostalgic atmosphere, taking you back to summertime bliss. Energetic guitar riffs, and dreamy synths, all combined with lyrics channeling the first-time adventures of being at a music festival. Moon Cloud explores the euphoric feelings of staying in the present moment of acceptance, love, and understanding. Experiences that create these emotions, leave you in a state of being on a ‘moon cloud’.

“It’s really a song about feeling euphoria and never wanting to leave that moment whether it’s a feeling of acceptance, love, understanding or whatever. Lyrically channeling the experience of bringing someone into the magical world of festivals that virgin time.”