Hello Yes – Lost Signal

Hello Yes are in the spotlight with a new EP “Lost Signal” out October 21st on Gravitas Recordings.

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Hello Yes are in the spotlight with a new EP “Lost Signal” out October 21st on Gravitas Recordings. With the first singles already making waves we can’t wait for what is next with this duo. This new EP brings in groovy house vibes blended with their signature guitar/sax elements for a perfect combination. After their debut live show at Lightning in a Bottle, fans have been eager to get their hands on these unreleased dancefloor anthems, and Hello Yes is ready to share these with the world. They are currently traveling on tour with ZHU and that’s not stopping them from their Hello Yes project and diving into their own sound. This is just the beginning for this very special duo!

Here’s what the duo has to say about each track: Never Trusted Me birthed in a snowy cabin in the woods, we iPhone recorded melancholy chords on an untuned piano, instantly inspiring the hypnotic top line of ‘never trusted me’. While moody and dark, the track still bounces and the guitar/sax hook takes lift, elevating and driving home dance elements. My Love is a simple mid tempo love song, with wafting airy notes of early summer. Lyrically channeling the honeymoon phases of a blossoming relationship. Drawing sonically from early Brazilian tropicália with nostalgic horns riffs, lyrical flute, and classic bass textures. The Lesson is a moody, driving house beat with a foreboding message of getting burned and learning your lesson. This upbeat jammer, grooves and drips with oscillating textures building to a peak and dropping out to intimate flute and guitar melodies. Never Feel the Same has a muffled house beat and driving, gritty bass line that dance together, with a plea to ease and heal the pain. Depending on your mood, this song could be interpreted as soft and smooth or hard and emotional. Easily fitting into the classic mold of songs you want to hear during darker times.

released October 21, 2022